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I was delighted to be featured recently in the 'Interesting Architecture' category of Mumbai based inter-disciplinary Design Stack:
I had come across the name before online, but wasn't sure exactly what their specialty was until I visited the site and found, along with my own feature, an interesting array of profiles examining the works of creators across a vast range. When I say vast, I am talking about everything from homes created from disused shipping containers through to an artist who sculpts the ends of pencil leads into microscopic sculptures- truly vast!
As Design Stack's specialty is branding I suppose it's logical that they should be better than most at spotting the uniqueness of different artists, and presenting them in a light which shows off the most intriguing and original aspects of their work and personality. For this reason, I've noticed all their posts have a very different flavour as they pick up on the particular motivations of each creator, and delve in great detail into their different creative worlds and minds.
The things I like about their presentation of my work is that they show a piece from each of the different collections, which if you are seeing it for the first time gives a sense of different interests and explorations within the general field of 'architecture'.
For example, the
…arise from my own real life experience of living and working in these cities, and having a fondness for this kind of architecture, which comes from the familiarity of having grown up and actually lived in these places.
…are just two in number, but in the choice of the buildings (red brick Victorian townhouses) demonstrates my interest is not necessarily in the major landmarks, but in the day to day housing stock and residential buildings which give the city its certain flavour.
…are a very focussed collection, almost a 'study' on the form of the Brownstone- the typical New York City residential townhouse. The appeal with these is the similarity of a common language and yet at the same time such great variety and richness of detail. Broadly speaking, the size and shape of them are pretty much the same bar a few variations, but in the individuality and character of each on they are completely unique, worlds unto themselves.
…allow my imagination to run riot, albeit within the confines of a certain theme, which gives the scene its unity and a bit of a background story which situates the viewer and sets the scene. My imagination then relishes the reward of filling in the blank, weaving a richer tapestry you might say of all those intricate little details which in their consideration and design go towards reinforcing the idea of that overall picture, the 'theme'.
I encourage you to go online and have a look at the article, and while you're there see some of the other artists and creators and take a step into their world- just make sure you have an hour or so free to spend!
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